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Letter to an Australian Couple

What propels this lifestyle is love.  Utter and unflinching love between a wife and her husband.  Hence it’s why I don’t encourage any wife to go out and cheat behind her hubby, not when she can find a means of cluing him into this lifestyle, to experience and share the same desire as she.  You and your husband have crossed that boundary, and that’s a good thing.  You won’t know the number of couples out there who, too, wish to have what you’re both enjoying right now.  Especially that you both desire toward submitting to a Black Master.

In time, more wives will learn and hear about you.  Especially those residing in your neighborhood.  They will learn to desire what you both are having, and they will beg for you to introduce them to it, too.  This ‘Black-Owned’ lifestyle will spread, because it’s just as sweet and infectious as anything any white couple can have.


Master SHANGO.

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