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Anonymous asked:

I wanna be dominated by you , black mailed,

I will do that to you, if you desire me to.  But you’d have to quit been ‘Anonymous’ to me and declare your submissive stance front and center! 

Get in touch with me with my address below now.


Letter to Black Master SHANGO

Dear Black Master Shango,

This letter is a confession. I hope that I can properly convey my sense of vulnerability and shame. It is with my head held low that I expose to you a fiercely secret need that you probably already suspect. I’ve been reading your blog with intense interest for the last couple of months and feel that I can resist writing to you no longer. You’ve gotten so deep inside my head that it’s almost as if you compel me to type these words from across cyberspace.

You would probably consider me a privileged North American white boy. I have a good career, stable home life, a house, and have never had to worry much about where my next meal is coming from. I live a life that would be the envy of 99% of the world’s population. But as far back as I can remember, I’ve had a powerful craving to surrender control to a strong, dominant man. I cannot tell you from where these needs arose or why they’ve grown more intense with age, but your writings have opened up a window into my soul and exposed my dark desires to sunlight as they never have before.

I am a divorced man and am ashamed to admit that my wife deserted me for another man. Ashamed not so much because it happened, as I’m ashamed to admit that there is for me some sexual thrill in knowing that while she wore my wedding ring she was also someone else’s lover. There is no greater humiliation for a man than to learn that his loving partner has been seduced into someone else’s bed. And for me to be aroused by this fact makes me deeply uncomfortable.

Since divorcing, I have fantasized often about what their trysts were like. The sexual energy of cheating must have been very powerful, in that they knew that they were doing something forbidden. But for him, it must have

been especially so, as he was not only enjoying her pussy, he was taking it from another man. How sweet such victory must have been for him. How powerful and dominant he must have felt with the knowledge that he had stolen something he had no right to. And as I think of the pleasure he must have enjoyed from my humiliation, my dick stiffens. It seems perverse, I know, and yet I’m helpless to resist.

This is why your blog is so potent. I think you understand my tortured feelings and taunt me about them. In each post you write about the power that comes from being on the other side of my fantasy, as the dominant bull who gets to fuck my wife senseless and claim her as your own. You get to take her to new levels of pleasure that she’s never before enjoyed. You get to hear her shrieks of ecstasy as your dick pushes deeper into her pussy than mine ever could. And most powerfully, you get to kiss her while I look on, knowing that your passionate lovemaking is eating me up inside with jealousy.

And what makes this all the more intense is that you’re also a big and powerful black man. You understand very well that in the act of seducing my woman, you’re not merely undermining my marriage, you’re also striking at the very heart of the social power structure that we white men have long taken for granted. We’re used to being at the top of the food chain and always getting our way. We define ourselves by our successes and our ability to control everything in our world.

whiteboi terry

Stanford, CT.

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